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Kerala Renaissance - Questions & Answers ( Part - 15 )

Kerala Renaissance - Questions & Answers  ( Part - 15 )
176. The novel ‘Guru’ depicts the life of Sree Narayana Guru is authored by:

177. Who is  called the father 
of literacy in Kerala?
Kuriakose Elias Chavara

178. Who called Kumaranasan 
‘Viplavathinte Sukranakshatram’?
Joseph Mundassery

179. Who exhorted ‘Mattuvin Chattangele’ (Change the rules)?

180. The only foreign country visited by Sree Narayana Guru:
Sri Lanka

181. The only Keralite whose birth day and death anniversary are declared holiday by the Government of Kerala:
Sree Narayana Guru

182. The publication ‘The Muslim’ was launched by Vakkom Moulavi in:

183. Chattampi Swamikal aquired self realization at:

184.  Who is  referred to as the “father of muslim renaissance in Kerala”?
Vakkom Moulavi

185. Who led the starvation march?

186. Vagbhatananda Gurudevar was a disciple of :
 Sree Narayana Guru

187. Who became the editor of ‘Yukthivadi’ magazine in 1928?
 Sahodaran Ayyappan

188. Who became the first president of the Travancore Devaswam Board in 1949?
Mannath Padmanabhan

189. Who called Kerala “a lunatic asylum’?

190.  ‘Navamanjari’ written by Sree Narayana Guru is dedicated to:
 Chattampi Swamikal

191. ‘Prachina Malayalam’ was authored by:
Chattampi Swamikal

192. “ Whatever may be the religion of a man, it is enough if he becomes virtuous “ are the words of:
Sree Narayana Guru

193.  “ Liquor is poison, make it not, sell it not, drink it not” are the words of: 
Sree Narayana Guru

194. “Freedom alone is nectar divine; Freedom is life itself; To a self-respecting people Slavery is more terrible than death”- Who wrote these lines?

195. The only poet in Malayalam who became ‘mahakavi’ without writing a ‘mahakavyam’:

196. Who is regared as the greatest Keralite of 20th century?
 Sree Narayana Guru

197. Who led ‘Kallumala (Stone ornament) Agitation”?

198. Who led agitation against oozhiyavela (forced labour)?
Ayya Vaikunatar

199. The last temple consecrated by Sree Narayana Guru:

200. The leaders of renaissance who passed away in the same year of 1924: Chattampi Swamikal and Kumaranasan
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