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Kerala Renaissance - Questions & Answers ( Part - 9 )

Kerala Renaissance - Questions & Answers  ( Part - 9 )

26. Who founded Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha?
Poikayil Yohannan

27. Who started the publication of a journal called ‘Abhinava Kerala’? Vagbhatananda

28. Who studied at the ‘Patasala’ of Pettayil Raman Pillai asan and became the monitorof the class?
Chattampi Swamikal

29. Who translated the ‘Atmopadeshasatakam’ of Sree Narayana Guru into English with the Title ‘Centiloquy to the Self”?
Nataraja Guru

30. Who translated the dialogue between Tagore and  Narayana Guru into Malayalam during Tagore’s visit to Sivagiri?

31. The name ‘Muthukutty’ was the childhood name of:
Ayya Vaikundar

32. The first to establish a printing press in Kerala without foreign support: Kuriakode Elias Chavara

3. The founder of ‘Islam Dharma Paripalana Sangham’:
Vakkom Moulavi

34. “Ask not, Say not, think not caste” are the words of:
Sree Narayana Guru

35. ‘Adwaitha Chintha Paddhathi was written by’:
Chattampi Swamikal

6. ‘Baalaakalesam’ was autored by:
Pandit Karuppan

7. ‘Daiva Dasakam’ was authored by:
SreeNarayana Guru

38.  “His grandfather  Hrishikesan and his father Muthukumaran were great yogis and were migrated to Tamilnadu from Pampumkadu in Malabar during Tipu Sultan’s aggression. Lord Subramanya was their family deity. At the age
of 12, he received spiritual initiation from two Tamil Saints, Sachidananda Maharaj and Sri Chitti Paradeshi.”-The person mentioned here is:
Thycaud Ayya

39. “I consider it the greatest good fortune of my life to have visited the beautiful Travancore state and met the most venerable saint, Sree Narayana Guru Swami trippadangal” Who wrote  these words in the guest book at

40. The leaders of renaissance who were born in 1863:
 Ayyankali and Dr.Palpu

41. The Malayalam poet who had prominent Buddhist influence in his writings:

42. The mouth piece of Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham, started in 1913: Sadhujana Paripalini

43. The Ezhava Memorial of 1900 was submitted before:
 Lord Curzon

44. The first European disciple of Sree Narayana Guru:
Ernest Kirk

5. The first medical graduate from Ezhavacommunity in Travancore:

46. Acts that one performs For one’s own sake Should also aim for the good Of other menare the words of:
Sree Narayana Guru

47. “Without differences of caste,Nor enmities of creed, Here it is, the model of an abode,where all live like brothers at heart” - these words were inscribed by Narayana Guru on a plaque at:

48. “The people who form the Ezhava samajam and Nair samajam are themselves proclaiming that they are non-Brahmins and are of backward class, thereby destroying their eminence and unity”-Who said this?
Brahmananda Sivayogi

49. “To change the Nampoothiri into human” was the slogan of which organisation?
Yogakshema Sabha

50. “Whatever the religion, attire, language and such other things of human kind, as they belong to same caste (species) there is no harm in interdining and intermarriage between them”-Sree Narayana Guru made thissuggestion to:

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