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Forests and Wild Life in Kerala (Chapter-1)

Forests and Wild Life in Kerala
1. The first sanctuary in Kerala:
(a) Silent Valley                           (b) Iravikulam
(c) Thekkady                                (d) Neyyar
Answer: (c)

2. Which district in Kerala has the largest number of National Parks:
(a) Wayanad                                   (b) Palakkad
(c) Ernakulam                                (d) Idukky
Answer: (d)

3. The National Park which is famous for Nilgiri Tahr:
(a) Silent Valley                        (b) Iravikulam
(c) Pampadumchola                (d) Mathiketan Chola
Answer: (b)

4. The largest national park in Kerala:
(a) Silent Valley                             (b) Mathiketan Chola
(c)  Pampadumchola                     (d) Iravikulam
Answer: (d)

5. The Silent Valley National Park is in:
(a) Idukky                                        (b) Palakkad
(c) Wayanad                                    (d) Kannur
Answer: (b)

6. The National Park which is famous for lion tailed macaque:
(a) Iravikulam                                  (b) Silent Valley
(c) Pampadumchola                        (d) Iravikulam
Answer: (b)

7. The smallest national park in  Kerala:
(a) Pampadumchola                   (b) Mathiketan Chola
(c) Anamudi Chola                       (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

8. Eravilkulam was declared National Park in:
(a) 1973                                           (b) 1978
(c) 1984                                           (d) 1980
Answer: (b)

9. The river flows through Silent Valley:
(a) Thoothapuzha                         (b) Kunthipuzha
(c) Kabani                                         (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

10. The largest sanctuary in Kerala:
(a) Wayanad                                    (b) Neyyar
(c) Shendurny                                 (d) Thekkady
Answer: (d)

11. The southernmost sanctuary in Kerala:
(a) Peppara                                     (b) Neyyar
(c) Shendurny                                (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

12. The sanctuary in Kerala which was included in Project Tiger:
(a) Thekkady                                       (b) Peppara
(c) Neyyar                                             (d) Aralam
Answer: (a)

13. Shendurney Wild Life sanctuary is in the district of:
(a) Thiruvananthapuram                   (b) Kollam
(c) Kannur                                              (d) Palakkad
Answer: (b)

14. The old name of Thekkady Wild Life sanctuary:
(a) Mattuppatty                                    (b) Nellikkampatty
(c) Tholpatty                                           (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

15. The sanctuary in Kerala which is accessible only through Tamil Nadu:
(a) Thekkady                                        (b) Parambikulam
(c) Chinnar                                              (d) Chimminy
Answer: (b)
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